Delay Sensitivities of Video Games

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The concept of cloud gaming (CG) is to render a video game in the cloud and stream the game scenes as a video to players and receiving back the input commands over a broadband network. CG has rapidly expanded its market among gamers and drawn a lot of attention from researchers and businesses. Besides the opportunity that cloud gaming is offering, it still suffers from two bottlenecks, limited bandwidth and latency. Nowadays, although appropriate bandwidth is available in many countries, delay remains as a key obstacle for cloud gaming services. There exist some games such as shooting games that are very sensitive towards delay while there are many others like chess that tolerate delay for even more than one second. The aim of this thesis is to assess the game elements and quality dimensions that cause games to be differently sensitive towards delay. Therefore, the impact of delay for different game haracteristics, e.g. pace or object sizes, needs to be assessed through a subjective experiment.